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Add Paco to a Channel

Paco's most common use case is in your team Slack channels. Let's learn how.
Slack treats apps differently than users. The way you can invite human users to channels is slightly different from the way you can add apps.

Method 1: Use the /invite command

/invite @paco
Copy-paste the exact command "/invite @paco" without the quotes for this method to work.

Method 2: Mention @Paco in a message

If you write @paco in a channel and try to send a message, Slack will automatically prompt you to add Paco to the channel
Click on Add to Channel and you are done!
Once Paco is added to the channel, you will see a confirmation message
Paco sends this welcome message to introduce itself to the channel
Do you still experience any Paco setup issues? Please reach out to the Paco Support Team!